Nomad Adjusting, LLC exists to serve the insurance carriers and their policyholders. We understand that the independent adjusting firm industry is competitive but believe that our claims handling philosophy makes us superior to most competitors. Our core team of management has vast IA and carrier experience, and we employ highly qualified adjusters.

One of the many ways we provide effective customer service is through the use of ClickClaims, a web-based claims management system (CMS) that recently won the E-Fusion Award from A.M. Best. ClickClaims will aide in a more serviceable and less complicated process for completing the claim file, which translates into a more efficient and effortless work product. Additionally, it drastically cuts down on our amount of paper consumption and waste. Having no paper files on policyholders also protects them and our clients from undue potential privacy breaches. Once a reasonable amount of time has passed, all internal files related to our adjusters’ billing are shredded and discarded responsibly.

Of course, if our clients have their own CMS program and wish that Nomad work within that system, we would be more than capable of adapting.

We value skilled personnel, and we believe if their expertise is rewarded, then they will choose to work for us. This philosophy translates into our providing better adjusters working for you.

We are proud to have one of the most rewarding jobs there is, helping policyholders in their time of need. It is our job to aid these people promptly and fairly so that they can begin to rebuild immediately. We strive to be the benchmark in organization, efficiency, morality and ethics.

Nomad’s Philosophy

Nomad Adjusting, LLC was created by experienced professionals who are proficient in property and casualty adjustments, appraisals, and underwriting inspections. Our adjusters are well trained in these areas as well as, but not exclusive to: business interruption, casualty, fire, flood, foundation/slab, hail, hurricane, ice dams/weight of ice, lightning, mold, plumbing, sewer/drain backup, theft, tornado, water, and wind. We understand the ups and downs, the advantages and disadvantages of each aspect of our field and understand the need for superior customer service and the maintenance of quality files.

Nomad Adjusting will, at all times, conduct itself with integrity and professionalism. We value each contract we acquire and will strive to exceed all of our clients’ needs, trying never to become complacent or take our clients for granted. When any of Nomad’s staff or independent adjusters deal with policyholders, their representatives, or their contractors, we will always remember that our attitudes are a reflection on those for whom we work, and we will never conduct ourselves unbefitting our clients. Should any challenges arise, we encourage all of our staff to speak to our management and allow those with the most experience in conflict resolution to take charge.