Brian DeCicco

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Brian DeCicco graduated from Eureka College in 1999 and soon joined State Farm in 1999 in Jacksonville, FL, where he was quickly chosen to become an agent in Connecticut. At 24, Mr. DeCicco gained the distinction of becoming the youngest State Farm agent ever.

During the 2004 Hurricane Season, he decided to concentrate on the independent-side of insurance and quickly became the point-of-contact for the Liberty Mutual account. During the 2005 Hurricane Season, he joined CITIZENS Property Insurance Corporation as designated Quality Assurance Supervisor and Dispatch Coordinator/Vendor Liaison. During that time, Mr. DeCicco worked with the IT Department to improve the dispatch function in CTS, the claims management system presently used. This improvement allowed CITIZENS to dispatch over 180,000 claims during 2005 without incident.

As Quality Assurance Manager, Brian DeCicco oversees all file reviewers, ensuring consistency and best claims practices among all adjusters. He will be closely involved in the management of any catastrophe.