Ashley Molony

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  • Administration Operations Manager
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  • Frisco, TX (Dallas Area)
  • 832-385-1356 Cell
  • 888-90-NOMAD (906-6623) Office
  • 866-533-5574 Fax

Ashley Molony managed a family-owned small business in the Interior Design field for over five years. She was groomed to own this successful hometown establishment that has been around for over 30 years. She handled all aspects of the business, from hiring to purchasing to payroll to customer service. She compiled all monthly and quarterly Federal and State returns for the business. She was a member of her area Rotary Club and participated in many fundraising efforts in her community.

In 2003, she decided to switch gears and focus her attentions to the insurance industry. Mrs. Molony accepted a job as Office Manager/Human Resources Manager for Nomad Adjusting, LLC. She is the Secretary/Treasurer of the LLC. She has been overseeing daily office operations for over ten years and is extremely meticulous at her job. Mrs. Molony provides conscientious professionalism to Nomad’s office, insisting on timely payments to our adjusters and responsible reimbursements to our clients when warranted.